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Law Firms in Egypt, Law Firm Egypt, Lawyers in Egypt, Lawyers Egypt, Legal Services, Khaled Khater
  International Lawyers & Arbitrators
Law Firms in Egypt, Law Firm Egypt, Lawyers in Egypt, Lawyers Egypt, Legal Services, Khaled Khater
Obtaining the Certificate in International Arbitration and Intellectual Property.
Mr. Khaled Abou Khater obtained the the Certificate in International Arbitration and Intellectual Property that are eligible to take and end all of the procedures and arbitration of civil disputes and trade regionally and internationally and become an arbitrator registered in the room's records according to internal regulations that govern this act.

The cetificate is sponsord by Council of Arabian Economic Unit, Egypt's international room for mediation and conciliation and arbitration with the collaboration with the Arabian Uniion for Human Rights Protection.
The return of two kids to their mother's arm after living with their stepmom.
Another triumph to the GII Legal Services Law Firm by returning two kids to their mother's arm after living with their stepmom for a long time.
The Remembrance Day Celebration in Australian Embassy in Egypt.
Mr. Khaled Abou Khater attended the Remembrance Day Celebration held by the Australian Embassy in Egypt.
Technical and legal framework to extract the Digital Evidence Workshop.
Mr. ken Gamble & Mr. Khaled Abou Khater attended the Technical and legal framework to extract the Digital Evidence workshop held by The Egyptian Association For Prevention Of Information and Internet Crimes, Minister of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) & Raya Co. in Wednesday 23rd of June, 2010 - 10:00AM at MCIT Premises in Sphinx Sq. - Mohandeseen.
Winning of Custody Case by Mr. Khaled Abou Khater.
Mr. Khaled Abou Khater has Won the custody case for the English Mother and her Egyptian daughter.
Press : Akhbar Al-Hawadeth : issue 07-04-2010 :: >> Follow Link..
Saad Zaghloul granddaughter has been scammed.
Mr. Khaled Abou Khater is defending Saad Zaghloul granddaughter "Dr. Naglaa Abdel Hafeez Saad Zaghloul" against a continuous fraud.
Press : Akhbar Al-Hawadeth : issue 24-03-2010
The Arab Reform Forum Seventh Annual Meeting.
Mr. Khaled Abou Khater has attended The Arab Reform Forum Seventh Annual Meeting
Held from: 1 – 3 March, 2010
Location: Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Alexandria
GII LEGAL SERVICES office is listed as legal specialists in numerous Embassies within the United Arab Emirates.
  • The Egyptian Embassy in Dubai.
  • The Hungarian Embassy in Abu Dhabi.
    GII LEGAL SERVICES has established a new service section in its office in Cairo, Egypt to handle all REAL ESTATE services for its clients.
    A list of properties for RENT, SALE or BUY are frequently added and updated within the website.
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    Khaled Khater (Director of Operations of GII LEGAL SERVICES) is registered in the Arab Union for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
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    if you have a legal problem you should contact us though the web consultancy form .. and we will get to you personally.. leasve us your contact info and we will call you back..
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    The appointment of Mr. Khaled Abou Khater to the post of Secretary of the Arab Federation for Protection of intellectual property rights on the level of Giza Governorate.
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    As lawyers we are empowered to take all legal proceeding either in bring up lawsuits or performing procedures before all types of courts in Egypt (civil, criminal, commercial, …etc), to proceed all necessary legal and administrative procedure before all executive, control and administrative bodies, and all police stations in concern of any defaults probably conducted by any natural persons or companies in Egypt that which may harm some or all rights of international companies.
    We are entitled to proceed with all legal actions required according to Egyptian laws for tracing natural persons or companies of all types inside Egypt those commencing forgery, counterfeiting, imitating or copying statements, trademarks or software of int’l companies assigned to GII to protect their products either financially or electronically which considered private properties and ought to be protects according to int’l recognized law.
    We are empowered to establish companies of all types before General Authority of Investment and Free Zones, General Authority for Money Market, Companies Departments, and to sign all contracts, their amendments, Issuance of commercial registration, Tax card and chamber of commerce.
    GII Legal Services Practice Area:
    Business law.
    Corporate laws and financial markets.
    Commercial Contracts.
    Banking and securities.
    Insurance laws.
    New technology and intellectual property laws.
    Labor and social insurance laws.
    Real estate, construction and urbanism laws.
    Tax laws.
    Consumer laws.
    White collar crimes.
    Litigation, arbitration and dispute resolutions.
    Foreign judgment enforcements.
    Helping companies to implement the rules of the Egyptian corporate governance code.

    Arbitration practices, with extensive experience for the settlement of disputes through mediation, conciliation, arbitration, lawyers or arbitrators, both locally and internationally.

    We are work as Real Estate Broker – (note: The Egyptian government allowed the real estate sale to foreigners and allowed them where they have real estate units an accommodation – visa).
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